Pack Trips

Spot Trips

Your gear is packed into the destination of your choice while you ride in on Aspen Meadow Pack Station horses. You and your gear is dropped off, and on a pre-arranged date a packer returns with pack mules and saddle horses to pick you up for your return trip home.

Keep The Packer Trips

On these trips, your packer and stock stay with your party. This gives you the mobility and ease to reach those out-of-the-way places. You may choose to move camp each day or tour from a base camp into the wilderness.

Drop Pack Trips

Aspen Meadow Pack Station packs your gear and drops it off at a designated destination while you walk in. Many backpackers start out on extended trips this way.

Short Day Destinations

An Aspen Meadow packer takes you and your gear to the destination, drops you off and returns to the pack station in the middle of that day. On your designated return day, the packer rides out from Aspen Meadow Pack Station that morning with your horses and mules, and returns you and your gear to Aspen Meadow Pack Station.

Long Day Destinations

An Aspen Meadow packer takes your group and gear to the destination, drops you off and returns to Aspen Meadow Pack Station late that evening. A Long Day Trip works the same as a short day trip, except the packer and the animals are on the trail for the whole day.

Overnight Destinations

For an overnight trip, your packer will ride out with you, stay overnight nearby, and take the horses and mules back to the pack station the next day. These are destinations that are too far to round trip in a single day. If your trip is 4 days or less, you might consider keeping your packer and stock with you for the duration of your trip.

Buck Lake Special Trip

Upper Buck is a great destination – it’s close enough that you’re not riding from sunrise to sunset and yet it’s far enough in that there aren’t a lot of other people around. Its' great fishing and central location allow for easy access to other lakes for day hikes and fishing. Add to that the spectacular lake, beautiful mountains, and awesome meadows, Buck Lake makes a great getaway!

* Listed above are the most common locations we take trips to. We are able to take you to many other destinations in the Emigrant Wilderness. Please call us at (209) 965-3402 for rates and availability.

** Wilderness permits are required for all overnight stays in the Emigrant Wilderness. Wilderness permits can be acquired through the Summit Ranger Station by calling (209) 965-3434


Aspen Meadow Pack Station accepts payment in the form of cash, checks, Visa, and Mastercard. We do request a non-refundable deposit of a minimum of one day’s packer fee when you make your reservations. When estimating cost, please consider inbound and outbound travel. A single pack mule can carry 150lbs of gear one way. One packer can handle up to six (6) head of stock; additional stock requires another packer.


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Buck Lake

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